10 Years and going

Participated in 9 International Finals

170+ Engineers joined the Team

14 Trophies

Presenting NEPTUNE

Our most advanced ROV


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About M.I.A.

M.I.A. (Made In Alex) is Alexandria University’s first Robotics Team. It was founded in 2011 upon the idea of enhancing and nourishing the robotics culture in Alexandria. Since then, M.I.A. has participated in 4 International Competitions; MATE ROV, Minesweepers, IRC, and ABU ROBOCON; winning 8 International Awards in the process.

In the span of 10 Years since its inception, the team has recruited more than 170 Engineers who are now well-established in their respective fields of industry. Today, the team has grown to more than 60 active members in the fields of Mehanical, Industrial, Electrical, and Naval Engineering as well as Computer Science.

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